About Diana Paul Design

My education comes from the Art Institute of Portland where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree in 2003.

I have a passion for a well designed kitchen. I come from a very large family that loves to cook and entertain. With so many people packed into a kitchen, it can be much more meaningful to focus on the fun of sharing beautiful meals and great family time. In a well designed kitchen, there is room to grow. From changing family sizes and configurations to creating more complex meals and cooking styles!

Working with Eastbank Interiors is such a pleasure. We are able to design with and order from a huge selection of cabinetry. Cliff has chosen for his showroom, the best variety of cabinetry in every configuration and at every price point. We can design just about anything for anyone. And so many varieties of countertops. Quartz, wood, stainless. Anything you can think of, he’s got it here, or can get it, and at a great value. He doesn’t have a lot of overhead, so he can offer just excellent pricing on everything here. I love it!